Zenfolio | Photography by Linda B. Bridgeman | NEW BOOK PUBLISHED-Chipmunk Antics in the Garden

A comical look, in a large country garden, of the antics of a VERY curious, VERY inquisitive,and usually a VERY hungry little chipmunk.
'' Please LADY, can I have more peanuts-it's getting dark and I must get home"
-Just a sample of the wording in this little storybook.
With 34 pages, over 60 full color photos, it is sure to delight young and old.
You can find it at this link in the Apple IBookstore
I am offering this delightful e-book for a small price of $.99 in the Apple IBookstore!

Hope you enjoy the book,and if you could take a moment to post a review that would be awesome,and pass the word!

Thankyou so much